2014. 09 - Job Offer - Senior Software Engineer - machine learning, au…

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2014. 09 - Job Offer - Senior Software Engineer - machine learning, automotive
1. 채용 정보(Job Information)

A new opportunity to join an innovative company at the forefront
of consumer technology as a Principal or Senior Software research Engineer.
A generous salary + bonus + benefits + relocation bonus is offered.
2. 모집부문(Position, Job Category)

Principal/Senior Software Engineer
- machine learning, automotive, C/C++ and/or Java

3. 업무내용(Job Description)

This employer are developing cutting edge software solutions
for mobile devices, tablets, the web and in-car.
They are already responsible for such a range of products
that it is probably you've used their solutions without even realising.
They are currently seeking a senior or principal level software engineer
to contribute to the research and development of the next generation
of innovative software solutions focused on integrating smartphone solutions
into cars and other vehicles.
This role carries a significant emphasis on building prototypes
of new solutions and products features, evaluating their performance
and then working with the engineering team/s to integrate new features
into production code.
This is a fantastic opportunity to work at the cutting edge of
consumer technology in the fields of both mobile devices
and automotive solutions and will see your innovations being adopted
for use worldwide

4. 자격조건(Requirements & Qualifications)

Applicants will be educated to an advanced level with either a Masters degree
or Ph.D. in a computing discipline and with specific expertise in the areas
of machine learning and/or computational statistics.

Applicants will have commercial experience of developing working prototypes
in C/C++ and/or Java for Linux or a Unix style platform.

Applicants should also have significant experience of data analysis
and modelling and will ideally have experience within the automotive sector.
5. 근무지(Location, Country)

Berlin, Germany
6. 고용형태(Employment Type)
7. 급여(Salary)
(It depends on career, Negotiable)
8. 제출 서류(Submit Documents)
영문 이력서, 자기소개서 및 경력기술서
(Resume, Self Introduction and Career Description in English)
9. 채용 절차(Job Recruiting Process)
1차 서류 검토(CV Check)
2차 유럽 현지 본사 담당자 면접(Interview in English)
3차 유럽 현지 본사 임원 면접(Interview in English)
10. 문의(Request)
Company: 씨엔제이 컨설팅(CNJ Consulting Co. Ltd)
Name: 양규섭 이사(Gyu-Seob, Yang)
(Executive Director / HR Management Consultant)
Tel: 02-451-0988
Address: 서울시 서초구 남부순환로 317길 50



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